Grid-tied, Off-Grid and Hybrid Solutions

Whether you want to Loadshed-proof your house, generate grid-tied power for self-consumption in your business or provide a containerised Power Solution for a greenfields project, AES can design, simulate and install at any scale.

AES Renewable Energy and Solar

Photovoltaic Systems

At AES we take great pride in our knowledge of PV systems. By employing proprietary software to design and simulate your system, we create tailor-made, brand-independent solutions to suit every  environment and budget.

We provide complete engineered solutions for grid-tied, off-grid, hybrid and container-based PV systems. Each of these can be fully integrated with a backup generator to provide complete peace of mind and uninterrupted power.

Solar / LED Lighting  Solutions

AES provides perimeter and security lighting solutions comprised of solar/LED ranging from 16W - 80W with a minimum of 2 days autonomy. 

Each system is designed taking into account the geographical location of the installation and required lighting levels to deliver optimal performance.

Inverter Backup / UPS Solutions

The most cost-effective way to Loadshed-proof your home or business.

AES will install a smart charger and inverter unit along with a suitably sized battery bank to power your equipment when the Grid goes down.

The battery bank is charged from the grid and provides a seamless transition when Eskom goes down. The result is that you won't even notice when Loadshedding occurs.