The Best Solutions Come From Understanding the Problem

The key to effective energy management is a robust strategy. In order to plan and implement the best solutions for the future of your organisation, you first need to understand your organisation’s electricity requirements and current status.

AES will monitor and analyse your company’s consumption and historical energy usage data to determine the best solutions for reducing and managing your energy costs. 

AES Energy Management Services

Energy Management

Minimising running costs is fast becoming paramount to the survival and success of companies in the current economic climate. 

Every Rand saved on energy and resource costs is a Rand added to your bottom line. Optimising energy and resource consumption helps to reduce costs, improve processes and meet your sustainability goals.


Energy Audits

Being able to report your progress is key to the success of your energy program and strategy.

AES will help you accurately report key data and progress to all necessary stakeholders inside and outside your organisation.

Usage Monitoring / Analysis

At AES we make use of Eskom certified billing meters to measure your organisation's energy consumption. 

The measured data is uploaded to an online portal where the key metrics are displayed in easy to read graphical formats. 

The online portal is accessible by the Client allowing for constant monitoring of data.