If You Can Think It, We Can Make It

3D printing is a revolutionary process which can be used to radically speed up the Development processes of your company. Rapid prototyping takes on a whole new meaning when you can simply print your designs instead of having them machined or moulded.

3D Printing Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Simply send us your CAD design via email, or let our draughtsmen draw them for you. 

We have the ability to print models in sizes up to 300mm x 300mm x 300mm. Materials include ABS and PLA plastics, Nylon and Laywood.

With 3D printing your dreams literally become reality!

Jigs, Moulds and Tooling

Further to rapid prototyping, AES can design and print jigs, moulds and even tooling to make your production processes faster, simpler and less expensive.

By printing custom jigs and moulds instead of machining, you can cut down on development costs and time as we make use of CAD models to print with an accuracy of 0.2mm. Alternatively, send us your 3D model and we will design an appropriate jig to fit around it perfectly.

Custom Corporate Gifts

Let AES 3D print your company logo, mascot or any other item you can imagine to distribute to your clients as corporate gifts. This is a novel way of getting your brand out there and will ensure that every recipient remembers your company as an innovative market leader.

Get ahead of the game by changing the status quo and redefining how your clients and competitors see your organisation.